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Monday, October 25, 2004

Truly a Crime

Saturday Night 49 newly trained Iraqi soldiers were executed by followers of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. And Washington wonders why Iraqi's are angry at us? Let's see, after dismantling the country and disbanding the Army we have done little to provide security or stability to the country. A little bit later we tried to pull some of the Army back in and then we stated we would start training a new Iraqi National Guard to provide security for the country. How much faith are the Iraqi people going to have in us if we cannot even provide basic security to the people we are training. These men put their lives on the line by joining the Iraqi National Guard and we cannot even provide them with a basic level of security.

The other question has to be, what the hell kind of Army are we training? These men were unarmed, had no uniforms and obviously no protection was provided by US forces. How many new recruits can we expect to have join the Iraqi National Guard if we cannot even keep them alive.

Can you imagine anyone attacking Paris Island and executing a company of Marine Recruits?

I can't, and you know why? Paris Island is a secure Marine Base and would require a sizable Military force to even make a dent in it's security. That's how we run training bases in the US. In Iraq it looks like we are just letting civilians march around with fake weapons for the day and then sending them out to drive around the countryside with no protection at all.

What makes me sick is the fact that it's been obvious for awhile that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has targeted Police, Military and the Government itself from day one. So it should not have been a suprise that he would go after newly trained Iraqi soldiers. This is basic terrorism/guerilla warfare stuff. Demoralize the population, turn the population against those in power, instill fear in the general population. And we are playing right into his hands. Security is still degrading every day and now if you try to join the Police or Army you will get killed there as well. Now all Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has to do is whisper in the ears of the people that if you help us throw out the US all this will end. It's a false promise, but a powerful one to a population who is longing for security and living in a higher state of fear as each day passes.

You Can read the New York Times article on this Massacre Here

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