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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mick Farren and the Art of Ratfuc*ing

One of my favorite authors, Mick Farren, posted this semi-disturbing history on the Dark Art of Elections in LACityBeat.

'The lizard brain takes over when the rest of the mind is inundated, tired, or distracted. As James Moore, co-author of the book and documentary Bush’s Brain, puts it, “Rove knows that we are all too busy worrying about our jobs and retirement and health care that we don’t have time to pay attention to the details of issues. Few of us read the 3,000-word stories in the newspaper. We read the headlines. We watch the news with the sound turned down. We’re too busy.” Over the years, we have taught our upper brains to tune out much of the electronic babble – especially TV commercials – and too many of our opinions are formed by the sub-verbal, half-seen impressions that are replayed day after day, and repeated ad nauseam. In California, where John Kerry leads comfortably in the polls, we have had it comparatively easy; but, in battleground Ohio, between March and late September, 14,273 political ads were aired on Toledo’s four leading TV stations. How anyone in a swing state can still form a coherent opinion under such a weight of bombardment has to be open to question."

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