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Monday, October 25, 2004

The Marrying Bush Bit

Ok so I keep hearing Bush tell this same folksy story over and over again in all of his speeches and it's starting to make me crazy. I am not even sure why. I was going to comb through his speeches and see how often he uses it, but after going through about 10 of them I thought I was going to vomit so I stopped. As far as I can tell though he uses it on average about 3 times a day. The dude needs a new speech writer, or more likely a brain transplant. It's probably the only story he can spit out without stammering and stuttering.

Here's the Bit:
"So when I asked Laura to marry me, she said, fine, just so long as you -- I never have to give a political speech. I said, okay, you got a deal. Fortunately, she didn't hold me to the promise. Laura is giving a lot of speeches, and when people see her speak, they see a warm, compassionate, great First Lady. (Applause.) I'm going to give you some reasons to put me back into office. Perhaps the most important one of all is so that Laura is the First Lady for four more years. (Applause.)"


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