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Friday, October 29, 2004

Friday is Nice for a Poem

This is one of my favorites.

Roman Wall Blues

Over the heather the wet wind blows,
I've lice in my tunic and a cold in my nose.

The rain comes pattering out of the sky,
I'm a Wall soldier, I don't know why.

The mist creeps over the hard grey stone,
My girl's in Tungria; I sleep alone.

Aulus goes hanging around her place,
I don't like his manners, I don't like his face.

Piso's a Christian, he worships a fish;
There'd be no kissing if he had his wish.

She gave me a ring but I diced it away;
I want my girl and I want my pay.

When I'm a veteran with only one eye
I shall do nothing but look at the sky.
-- W. H. Auden

Monday, October 25, 2004

The Marrying Bush Bit

Ok so I keep hearing Bush tell this same folksy story over and over again in all of his speeches and it's starting to make me crazy. I am not even sure why. I was going to comb through his speeches and see how often he uses it, but after going through about 10 of them I thought I was going to vomit so I stopped. As far as I can tell though he uses it on average about 3 times a day. The dude needs a new speech writer, or more likely a brain transplant. It's probably the only story he can spit out without stammering and stuttering.

Here's the Bit:
"So when I asked Laura to marry me, she said, fine, just so long as you -- I never have to give a political speech. I said, okay, you got a deal. Fortunately, she didn't hold me to the promise. Laura is giving a lot of speeches, and when people see her speak, they see a warm, compassionate, great First Lady. (Applause.) I'm going to give you some reasons to put me back into office. Perhaps the most important one of all is so that Laura is the First Lady for four more years. (Applause.)"

Truly a Crime

Saturday Night 49 newly trained Iraqi soldiers were executed by followers of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. And Washington wonders why Iraqi's are angry at us? Let's see, after dismantling the country and disbanding the Army we have done little to provide security or stability to the country. A little bit later we tried to pull some of the Army back in and then we stated we would start training a new Iraqi National Guard to provide security for the country. How much faith are the Iraqi people going to have in us if we cannot even provide basic security to the people we are training. These men put their lives on the line by joining the Iraqi National Guard and we cannot even provide them with a basic level of security.

The other question has to be, what the hell kind of Army are we training? These men were unarmed, had no uniforms and obviously no protection was provided by US forces. How many new recruits can we expect to have join the Iraqi National Guard if we cannot even keep them alive.

Can you imagine anyone attacking Paris Island and executing a company of Marine Recruits?

I can't, and you know why? Paris Island is a secure Marine Base and would require a sizable Military force to even make a dent in it's security. That's how we run training bases in the US. In Iraq it looks like we are just letting civilians march around with fake weapons for the day and then sending them out to drive around the countryside with no protection at all.

What makes me sick is the fact that it's been obvious for awhile that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has targeted Police, Military and the Government itself from day one. So it should not have been a suprise that he would go after newly trained Iraqi soldiers. This is basic terrorism/guerilla warfare stuff. Demoralize the population, turn the population against those in power, instill fear in the general population. And we are playing right into his hands. Security is still degrading every day and now if you try to join the Police or Army you will get killed there as well. Now all Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has to do is whisper in the ears of the people that if you help us throw out the US all this will end. It's a false promise, but a powerful one to a population who is longing for security and living in a higher state of fear as each day passes.

You Can read the New York Times article on this Massacre Here

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Are we fighting a holding Action?

I was listening to NPR news this morning and heard a quote from the President that disturbed me greatly.

"Senator Kerry now calls Iraq a diversion. But the case of just one terrorist shows how wrong his thinking is. A man named Zarqawi is responsible for planting car bombs and beheading Americans in Iraq. He ran a terrorist training camp in Afghanistan until we arrived. (Applause.) And then he fled to Baghdad, where he plotted and planned, and where he's fighting us today. He publicly announced his allegiance to Osama bin Laden. See, if Zarqawi and his associates were not busy fighting American and Iraqi forces in Iraq, what does my opponent think they'd be doing? Peaceful small businessmen? (Laughter.) Working for benevolent societies? Our troops will defeat the likes of Zarqawi so we do not have to face him in our own cities. (Applause.)"

George W. Bush Campaign Speech
Saturday October 23, 2004
Space Coast Stadium
Melbourne, Florida
Full Text of Speech Here

What disturbs me about this is I already have a sense that we have no clear plan to win the peace in Iraq or the war on terror globally. The quote made me think that our plan is just to keep a war going on somewhere in the world and keep terrorists fighting us overseas so they do not attack us in the US. That's some real scary 1984 type shit. I mean unless he thinks that you can actually just kill a certain number of people and then terrorism will be dead. Our current policy in Iraq and with the middle east in general seems to be creating more terrorists then we can kill, which means that we are in an unwinnable war if we do not change our strategy. Winning a war, any war, involves more then just military victories. It involves, economics, philosophy and sociology as well. So far we only seem to be focusing on the military options(poorly) and ignoring the rest. I have said it once and I will say it again George Orwell was 20 years off in his predictions.

"It was with the last revolution and the coming of INGSOC that the latest High learnt how to keep their position permanently – by cultivating ignorance among the other classes and by constantly surveying them through the Thought police. Part of this strategy included the maintenance of a state of continual warfare, which Goldstein discussed in the third chapter. The three major powers were not fighting this perpetual war for victory, they were fighting to keep a state of emergency always present as the surest guarantee of authoritarianism."

"The central doctrine of all these was the “mutability of the past” - the concept that the past had no objective reality except in records and so could be altered at will through doublethink"

George Orwell - 1984

It really, really scares me that I find it very easy to quote passages from 1984 in relation to our current government.

Friday, October 22, 2004

The Good Dr. Speaks - Fear and Loathing, Campaign 2004

I have been waiting awhile for this and it has finally arrived Dr. Hunter S. Thompson has just published a new article in Rolling Stone on the 2004 Election. Amazingly this is a very straight-forward piece.

"Richard Nixon looks like a flaming liberal today, compared to a golem like George Bush. Indeed. Where is Richard Nixon now that we finally need him?"

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mick Farren and the Art of Ratfuc*ing

One of my favorite authors, Mick Farren, posted this semi-disturbing history on the Dark Art of Elections in LACityBeat.

'The lizard brain takes over when the rest of the mind is inundated, tired, or distracted. As James Moore, co-author of the book and documentary Bush’s Brain, puts it, “Rove knows that we are all too busy worrying about our jobs and retirement and health care that we don’t have time to pay attention to the details of issues. Few of us read the 3,000-word stories in the newspaper. We read the headlines. We watch the news with the sound turned down. We’re too busy.” Over the years, we have taught our upper brains to tune out much of the electronic babble – especially TV commercials – and too many of our opinions are formed by the sub-verbal, half-seen impressions that are replayed day after day, and repeated ad nauseam. In California, where John Kerry leads comfortably in the polls, we have had it comparatively easy; but, in battleground Ohio, between March and late September, 14,273 political ads were aired on Toledo’s four leading TV stations. How anyone in a swing state can still form a coherent opinion under such a weight of bombardment has to be open to question."

Read The Full Story Here

Back Again, Back Again.......

After a little hiatus due to network issues at work and just being plain busy in real life I have returned.

So much to talk about.

My Uncle, Churlish Figure, passed on to me that William Gibson has a blog.
I think William's most recent post sums it up nicely for me:

"In some more cheerful historical continuum, I could be quite happy with a decent centrist Republican as president. Indeed, from what I take to be the perspective of the extreme left, the problem with Kerry would be that he's merely that: a decent centrist Republican. There are, in fact, decent centrist Republicans who quite rightly regard themselves as true conservatives, and it was not my intention yesterday to tell people like that to buzz off. If you're a decent centrist Republican, or a true conservative, today, I feel for you; your party has been carjacked by some sort of radical movement, and driven right around the spectrum -- people who've bathed their brains all too thoroughly in the White Light of the far, bad side.

In very much the sense that Bush is not actually a Christian, likewise is he nothing remotely conservative. Believing Bush is conservative in any traditional sense is like believing that a Formula One racer with the Perrier logo on its side is full of mineral water.

The RNC today is a party in the hands of dangerous political radicals."

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Fear and loathing in Las vegas

It seems that the RNC is starting to get their Nixon on in the City of Sin.
Throwing away voter registration forms before they are registered.
Read About It Here.


I received the following email from factcheck.org yesterday:
"Since Vice President Cheney's garbled mention of "factcheck.com" in the debate Oct. 5, the number of persons trying to reach us has spiked to levels roughly equivalent to that of MSNBC.com. Our volume has gone from an average of 30,000 unique visitors per day to more than 320,000 on Oct. 9, overwhelming the University of Pennsylvania's computer resources. Many of you were unable to reach our site for long periods."

It seems that there is still hope that voters are taking the time to educate themselves with the facts instead of just listening to spin on the telly.

You have to love that the VP's garbled mention of factcheck.com instead of the correct factcheck.org led surfers to George Soros's Anti-bush website for awhile. Now www.factcheck.com is back on line and you can read their statement on this subject by clicking here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Me, MySelf and I

Let me throw out a few thoughts on who I am politically.
I am neither a liberal or a conservative.
I have Hawkish tendencies.
I base my political thinking and decisions on the facts that are presented to me, not on a strict set of rules layed out by a political party. I have been called a communist, fascist, anarchist and so many other political labels I have lost count. The funny thing about that is that I was called all of these over the course of one poli-sci course in college.

I was Hawkish on the war in Iraq, but I did say the following:
1. You better find the WMD's within the first few days of the war.
2. You better stick to the American Military Doctrine of use of force that has been in place since the end of the Vietnam war: Overwhelming and massive force no matter what the situation.
3. You better have a postwar plan in place and it better be chock full of Marshall Plan Like goodness.

So what did we end up with:
1. To this day no WMD's have been found. In fact intellegience was manipulated by the administration. It's easy to blame the CIA for this, but the intelligence that was presented by the administration differed from the intelligence that the CIA presented to the White House. The CIA was alot less certain of where and how many weapons were in Iraq. The White House took the CIA report and edited it just enough as to make it sound alot more certain. So I was lied to and manipulated by or C-in-C.

2. Despite the Administrations comments, overwhelming force was never employed in Iraq, and by overwhelming force I do not mean that shock and awe crap. There were never enough troops to secure the borders, cities and land in between. To keep things quiet in Iraq I believe you needed to provide a very strong sense of security in a very short amount of time. This was never accomplished. To this day it seems that Foreign Fighters are pouring across the borders and nowhere seems secure. If you had provided strong stable security immediately you may have been able to keep the amount of resistance to a minimum. As things are now Iraqi's are angry. We invaded, blew up stuff and left a mess. Basic infrastructure is in shambles, there is no security, there are no jobs. They blame us for this. I find it hard to disagree with them. We tore up the country and have done very little to make it better.

3. As far as I can tell the White House strategy for postwar Iraq was, once we are in everyone will be happy. Seems a bit simplistic for the rebuilding of a country. What about Security? Basic human needs? Economy? I am not sure if they have addressed any of these. Saying "It's hard work, and we're gonna win" ain't gonna fix shit.

I think pulling out would be a huge mistake. We made the mess and we have to clean it up. I just don't think that the current administration has an idea or even the ability to finish this. We cannot abandon these people and let them turn into another post-soviet Afghanistan. What we can do is elect another leader and let him take a shot at cleaning up Dumbya's mess.

So this would have been the right war in some alternative history where Saddam was armed to the teeth with WMD's and if we had a president that seemed to have some sense of good, sound military strategy.

The 2nd Debate

I watched the 2nd debate I believe Kerry won handily. I will be reviewing the transcripts later today. I have seen some giving Dumbya credit for winning the debate. Their reason? He stuttered less. Look I understand that we are all proud of the fact that our President managed to speak, but I will not give him credit for winning just because he did not seem so much like a special ed student. In general I think he has said very little in two debates and seems completely disconnected from reality.

Friday, October 08, 2004

American Idiot

Great Album Great Song.

American Idiot - Green Day

Don't wanna be an American idiot.
Don't want a nation that under the new media.
And can you hear the sound of hysteria?
The subliminal mindfuck America.

Welcome to a new kind of tension.
All across the alien nation.
Everything isn't meant to be okay.
Television dreams of tomorrow.
We're not the ones who're meant to follow.Convincing them to walk you.

Well maybe I'm the faggot America.
I'm not a part of a redneck agenda.
Now everybody do the propaganda.
And sing along in the age of paranoia.

Welcome to a new kind of tension.
All across the alien nation.
Everything isn't meant to be okay.
Television dreams of tomorrow.
We're not the ones who're meant to follow.
Convincing them to walk you.

Don't wanna be an American idiot.
One nation controlled by the media.
Information nation of hysteria.
It's going out to idiot America.

Welcome to a new kind of tension.
All across the alien nation.
Everything isn't meant to be okay.
Television dreams of tomorrow.
We're not the ones who're meant to follow.
Convincing them to walk you.

The Rise And Fall Of the GOP

Just read a great article on the Rise and (eventual) Fall of the GOP
You can read it here: The Summer of Republican Discontent

Well thought out and well written.

The Unmasking of Idiocy - Part 1

My wife is a teacher and one of her co-workers is one of those die-hard republicans that seems to be unable think for themselves. They believe every lie and and do no basic fact checking before repeating the lie. On top of it they cannot even provide good examples of why Dumbya should remain president, all they are able to do is attack Kerry. So my goal for today is to take the mindless one's thoughts and correct them. Text in italics is the mindless one's thoughts verbatim.

Mindless Point 1. - Kerry's War Record.
John Kerry came home from Vietnam and turned on his fellow soldiers. He called Ho Chi Minh the George Washington of his time. At the same time 4 million Vietnamese were getting bullets in the back of the head. He went before Congress and said on world wide television that our troops in Vietnam were raping and pillaging the country and it's people. He gave detailed descriptions. At the same time the information he used was used against our POW's being held in Vietnam and made their already dangerous situation even worse.

I have a real problem with ANYONE that feels that a soldier has no right to question a war he has fought. Never mind that fact that as an American he has every right to question it period.

So let's deconstruct this mess from the start. The supposed Ho CHi Minh quote is from an FBI Report that says that Kerry supposedly stated that "Ho Chi Minh is the George Washinton of his time". This particular nugget of information is pulled from John O'neill's Book "Unfit for Command" John O'neill was originally hired by the Nixon adminstration to attack and discredit Kerry in 1971. The reason being that Nixon feared Kerry and Kerry reminded Nixon of JFK. So we basically have a Republican Hired gun attacking Kerry with an unsubstantiated report of him saying "Ho chi Minh is the George Washington of his time". Sorry I am a thinking man and require a little bit more proof then that.

His next big statement is that 4 million vietnamese received bullets in the back of the head. This is a flat out lie. The entire KIA number for the military and civilians for the entire war was 5.2 million. 2 Million Civilians Killed in the North, 2 million Civilians Killed in the South, 1.1 million NVA/VC and 660,000 ARVN. I know that 90% of the Vietnamese killed in Vietnam were not killed by a bullet to the back of the head. That statement is just a weak stab at being dramatic.
Oh and if you don't believe me here is the Vietnamese Press Release containing the KIA figures for the entire Vietnam War http://www.rjsmith.com/kia_tbl.html#press

The next is one of the biggest deceptions being repeated by the swiftvet folks. Did John Kerry testify before Congress about war atrocities? Yes he did. Here's what they like to leave out. Kerry was sitting before congress and representing veterans from all over the US. The war atrocities stories were given to him by veterans he met In Detroit. The following is actually a quote from those Congressional Hearings:

Kerry Senate Testimony (1971): I would like to talk, representing all those veterans, and say that several months ago in Detroit, we had an investigation at which over 150 honorably discharged and many very highly decorated veterans testified to war crimes committed in Southeast Asia, not isolated incidents but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command.

It is impossible to describe to you exactly what did happen in Detroit, the emotions in the room, the feelings of the men who were reliving their experiences in Vietnam, but they did. They relived the absolute horror of what this country, in a sense, made them do

The Bit in bold is the only part of the statement that the swiftvets use in their adverts. Convienent isn't it. If you wanna see the actual testimony of what was said before congress go here: http://www.factcheck.org/article.aspx@DocID=244.html

That his testimony was used against POW's is hard to understand. War crimes were in fact being committed (see My Lai) by US Troops. Is he wrong for passing on stories that other vets had told him to congress? I say no since he clearly identifies that he is passing on stories that were told to him. He never says I razed the south vietnamese countryside and cut off everyone's ears. Without more facts it's kinda hard to give that final statement any credibilty.

The thing that drives me the most nuts about republican attacks on Kerry's war record is this notion that in order to be a true patriot, you need to never question the government or what they are doing. If you do you are suddenly a treasonous traitor. Since when have we lost our right to question the government. If any group has a right to question a war, it would be the vets that fought it. Does anyone really feel that The Vietnam war was a well fought, well planned, good idea? I am just so goddamn sick of Republicans wrapping themselves in false patriotism. If Jefferson and Payne had acted like the Republicans of today do we'd still be a member of the British Empire.

So in closing it's apparently bad to have a President that can think for himself and stand up and say something when he see's that something is wrong? Ummm ok.

http://www.swiftvets.com/ is a Republican supported propoganda site

The Unmasking of Idiocy - Part 2

So next we deal with some misguided attempts to attack John Kerry on the National Defense Front. The Mindless one states: He has voted against almost every major weapons system that has come up on the floor in the past 20 years. Many of which are today being used to fight the war on terror.

Show me the votes, don't just quote the VP from the VP debates the other night. Jesus christ can you not think or provide any actual facts. I actually know the facts behind this little statement. You can just read them here: http://www.factcheck.org/article.aspx@DocID=252.html

Think then speak. SLAP!!!!

Look convince me why Bush is the right candidate without mentioning John Kerry and I'll give you a friggin prize. Oh and you have to use facts, not just statements by other people.

Bring it on BOOYYYY!!!!!